Improve your craft

Receive transparent, constructive feedback from industry professionals. Demonstrate your range as an actor with alternate takes. Receive offers to audition in person. Know your suitability for the role with no time lost. ReelMe lets you get down to what really matters.

Free for everyone

Free to post a breakdown. Free to list a role. Free to submit for a role. Free to make offers. Free to shortlist, rate and connect before inviting actors to face-to-face auditions.

Stay in control

Choose what to share. Only share your contact card when you accept an offer. Record and attach a slate for free - it'll automagically attach to each audition. Re-record as many times as you like. Use it to build rapport before you attend a face-to-face acting audition.

Acting, for real

No headshots. No resumes. No showreels. No codecs to fuss over. No desktops or laptops. No extra equipment. No studio. Deliver your best performance anywhere, without the nerves. One tap submits your take direct to the casting professional. Done.

spreading our wings

ReelMe is thrilled to announce availability across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Italy and South Africa. More countries coming soon. Stay tuned for the Android version in November. If you'd like to know more, stay in touch.

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